for new boys ages 8 to 17
No experience required
No music to prepare

Tampa BoyChoir
each Thursday, 6:30 to 8:00pm

St. Petersburg BoyChoir

Monday Nights, Location TBA

Please request information so that we may
notify you once the date is set.


Lakeland BoyChoir

Tuesday Nights, Location TBA

Please request information so that we may
notify you once the date is set.

Come Sing With Us!

Talent Search

Membership is open to all boys by audition, ages 8 to 17, 
of unchanged, changing and changed voices.

No Experience is required - only a love of singing.
There is no music to prepare.


The Audition Experience

The audition process is fun, encouraging and motivating.
Membership in the Florida BoyChoirs is earned through an encouraging audition process intended to evaluate a boy’s desire to sing and his readiness to begin formal musical training.

As boys move through each level of admissions, they enjoy experiencing typical rehearsals together in a group setting.
This allows the boy, his family and the ChoirMaster to experience

the BoyChoir before committing to membership.
There is no tuition or other costs during the audition process.

   Applicant Status (First level) - Applicants attend a group audition with several other boys  and participate in a typical rehearsal.  This allows the ChoirMaster to observe the applicant's ability to echo clap and echo sing and to learn new music in a group environment. Boys passing the Applicant audition are promoted to Candidate status.

  Candidate Status (Second level) - Candidates participate in a few rehearsals along with seated ChoirBoys. This allows the ChoirMaster to evaluate the boy in a working rehearsal and the Candidate to experience singing with the BoyChoir. Should this second audition be successful, the Candidate is promoted to the status of Apprentice.

  Apprentice Status (Third level) - Apprentice boys are assigned to a choir by the ChoirMaster and attend all rehearsals and events fully participating for a number of weeks. Once the ChoirMaster is confident that the Apprentice is ready, and his family has chosen to  commit to membership, he is promoted to ChoirBoy status and officially “seated” in his choir.


Boys Circle Composit
Boys Circle Composit